Get in on the tremendous benefits of regular massage therapy from certified and knowledgeable RMTs. My home-based practice provides the ideal environment for relaxation and comfort, allowing you to focus on your treatment.

Now Available: House Calls with Jacky Lee! ($40 Service Fee)

Ashiatsu is a barefoot massage using deep, firm strokes to glide on the body.

The therapist holds onto overhead bars for support and balance while applying compressive pressure, offering the experience of incredibly consistent pressure and an incomparable sensation of flow.

Deeper than the typical deep tissue session - this type of massage is especially beneficial for those with stiff, tight muscles. Ashiatsu provides a depth unmatched by other techniques.


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Indian Head Massage is a form of Massage Therapy based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing systems.

It is known to focus on the muscle and connective tissue of the face, neck and scalp. It is great for relieving tension and headaches caused by everyday stress and anxiety.

During your Indian Head Massage, Natalya uses gentle deliberate movements that stimulate the flow of blood, lymph and oxygen in your upper body.

The results are clear sinuses to help you breathe better, everyday stress relief, and improvement in your sleep quality.


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Put Your Health In Good Hands

Natalya Lester, RMT

Sport and fitness have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Facing many sport related injuries led me to constantly seek out the best methods of recovery. This naturally led me to study in kinesiology and physiotherapy. I was amazed at the incredible results I got when I put all that I learned to practice! This personal relationship with the study and practice of physical rehabilitation blossomed into a passion. I realized that I wanted to play a role in helping people to recover from injuries, reduce pain, relieve frustration, and enable them to take control of their healing process.

I went on to earn a diploma of Massage Therapy from one of the top professional massage colleges in Ontario- Kikkawa College. Since then, I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people get back their full potential and start living their lives pain free. I believe that the most important aspect of rehabilitation is good communication between the client and therapist. Let's work together to get you to your best self.

I look forward to meeting you.

I Specialize in: Indian Head Massage and Deep Tissue Ashiatsu

Indian Head Massage Ashiatsu Massage

Natalya Lester

Jacky Lee, RMT

When I experienced my first massage, everything changed. As someone who sought out alternative therapies their whole life, no other form of treatment has been as transformative for my pain, my stress and my well-being, as deeply as massage. I knew right then that massage would become my life’s work and passion. Since then, I’ve dedicated myself, for over a decade, to the practice of massage therapy and the healing art of touch.

We live in a time where we have walls all around us, where we are married to our devices, and where our movements are misaligned with our body. We wonder why we feel disconnected, anxious, touch deprived, distracted and in pain.

This is where I seek to make a difference. To me, massage is more than just reducing knots and muscle tension. It is a way to achieve a deeper connection and awareness with ourselves.

With my hands as the catalyst, I seek to listen and feel what your body is saying. I adjust each massage to what your body needs at the present moment. My goals are to help you redirect your attention and awareness back to yourself, to calm and realign your senses, to help you reclaim your physical freedom and to help you reach deep states of relaxation.

I Specialize in: Swedish Massage , Deep Tissue Massage and House Calls

Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Massage House Calls

Jacky Lee

NEW! Direct Billing is now available for those covered under LiUNA Local 183 , LiUNA Local 506, and Canadian Construction Workers Union.

*The following insurance companies are eligible for direct billing. If your insurance company is not on the list, you will be provided an invoice that you can use to submit a claim yourself.

Direct Billing

We bill your insurance directly so you can focus on your treatment.* You may be eligible for up to 100% coverage for Massage Therapy sessions through your health insurance provider!

75 min...................$130.00 (Initial Massage Appointment)
30 min.....................$55.00
45 min.....................$85.00
60 min.....................$113.00
75 min...................$130.00 (Full Body)
90 min...................$155.00 (Full Body)
Hot Stone
75 min...................$135.00

A $40.00 Service Fee is added for House Calls

To allow time for assessment, your Initial massage appointment is 75min long

60min or less is not enough time for a full body massage. For full body, please book 75 or 90min.

HST is included

We Accept: Visa, Mastercard, Debit, E-Transfer

I have a No Tipping Policy!
The best tip is for you to tell your friends and family about the great care you received.


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Natalya Lester, RMT is a proud member
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